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About Us

Welcome to A.S. SPARE & CO.

We Would like to Intrdace Our Selves as A.S.Spare & Co. We are Ahmedabad Based Company and deing Precision Circular Iooms Spare Parts Companies. Since 2009 As We are arduously updaling Our range of varlous Spares, We can assure that most of the Parts required. For HDN4, LSL6, LSL6/36, LSL61, LSL8, CSL6, CSL 6/36 AL6, CSL 6ll, CSL8 are within our manufacturing range. We have Supplined above Parts of more then 60 Company in Last 4 Years.

We can give additional speciality following deing works.

  • 1.HND 6 Pulley Conversion Kit
  • 2.Hailed wire conversion kit LSL6
  • 3.Opener Device 6 foot LSL6
  • 4.Special Requirement foot LSL6

We are doing special types of precision job as per customer's costomizized drawing & requirement.We do jobwork with montem.circular loom and cheese winder spares.

Stock & Delivery Normally weekip all the item in ready Stock and we assured that as and When we receind as orders We will supply the material immediately

Terms & Conditions While ordering please mention transports forms & your vat/Cst Tin No.
Taxes as per applicable Transport and packiy change as per Company Forms.
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